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Evergreen Provides Fractional Operations & Product Strategy for Startups to Reach Hyper Growth

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Services Tailored for Startups

Our dedicated team of highly qualified experts is here to tackle your business problems, so you can focus on what matters most.


Operations Strategy & Advisory

Process Design



Product Strategy & Advisory

Product Management

UX & Product Design


Fundraising Financial Modeling & Revenue Forecasting

Headcount Modeling & Planning

Dashboards & Reporting


Telehealth Strategy, Advisory, & Compliance

MD/NP Contingent Staffing

Credentialing Operations

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Who Are We?

At Evergreen, an agency founded by Zack Green, we don't just understand your startup journey; we've lived it. Specializing in scaling Healthcare, Technology, and Web3, our expertise is deeply rooted in industry experience from growing & scaling Uber and Wheel Health. We bring our operational and strategic expertise to your startup, solving your key problems and giving your team time back to focus on what they do best.

Services that Drive Results

Fractional COO / Operations Leadership

Evergreen is a strategic partner in your startup's scaling journey with Fractional COO services. From managing your day to day operations to outsourcing process design or talent acquisition, our experienced team can tackle everything you need so you can focus on what matters most.

Fractional Product Manager

We can take care of end to end product strategy for launching a new product including wireframes, product planning, and manage day to day execution with your internal engineering team.

Fractional CFO

Our Fractional CFO services provide critical financial planning with expertise in revenue forecasting, financial modeling, and dashboard reporting. Gain insight and control over your financial planning, ensuring your startup's financial health and scalability.

Clinical Recruiting

Simplify and enhance your clinical recruiting with Evergreen’s recruitment services. We specialize in matching you with top-tier NPs and MDs, offering a pay-on-hire model, saving you countless hours in sourcing and filtering candidates, and providing white-glove support throughout the process.

How We Will Work Together

Let’s break down our step-by-step process

Connect With Us

Get in touch with our team to share the challenges and objectives of your startup. This initial conversation is our opportunity to understand the problems you're facing and what you hope to achieve.

Define Engagement Scope

Based on our initial discussion, we'll develop a custom proposal and timeline, focusing on the specific problems you need solved. This step ensures that both parties have a mutual understanding and agreement on the objectives and scope of our engagement.

Engagement Begins

Once aligned on strategy & scope, we move into action. We can usually move into the execution phase within 1 - 2 weeks. Whether it be advisory sessions with your leadership team or direct involvement in your product or operations, our engagement team will create a process that works for you.

Roll Off & Transfer Knowledge

Our end goal is to leave your team self sufficient. As we finalize our engagement, we focus on transferring skills and knowledge ensuring your team is ready to thrive independently.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Meet The Businesses Who Chose Evergreen

Evergreen Investments

We believe in true potential. By investing in promising Healthcare, Technology, and Web3 startups, we are not just contributing capital, but we are actively participating in shaping the industries of tomorrow.

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What is unique about Evergreen's approach towards growth?

Zack has 10 years of hyper growth experience from launching markets at Uber, founding successful ecommerce companies, to building a digital health startup from 0 - 1. We work with each client to take these hypergrowth principles and customize them to your needs.

What is the typical duration for seeing results from Evergreen’s strategies?

Most contracts have a minimum duration of 3 months, but open to being flexible especially if there is discrete outcome work (IE - Financial Modeling) that can usually be done on a much faster timeline.

What is the typical engagement fee?

We understand how startups work and that pricing needs to be flexible. We work with you to come up with pricing that works and has a clear ROI for you.

Let’s Grow Your Startup Together

Partner with us to transform your tech startup into tomorrow’s market leader. Our team would love to hear from you!

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